The project

Or reach to other fellows in the world through music

The World Music Tour is a musical and planetary project put together by a young belgian couple : Geraldine (or Jay) and Robin.
They’ve decided to combine their skills and passion, to accomplish a multimedia and intercultural adventure by discovering the world through music. Their challenge : travel 12 countries in 12 months, meet musicians, record their performances, share and learn about other cultures. And make it possible thanks to the power of music.

« Music is a way for us to share and connect with other cultures, sometimes through social or politcal contexts. Music is never insignificant.. »

Geraldine and Robin will focus their initiative on a large panel off artists that they will meet in the streets, squares, cafes and villages. As often as possible, they will broadcast videos, photos and articles on their website. (They always have to translate the articles, but be patient, it’ll come !)

Their goal is to create a platform where the audience can share and follow their adventure and discover the different types of artists all along the way. This platform will provide an oportunity for those who care to learn and observe the similarities and differences in today’s music in a contemporary landscape.

On January 7th at 7.45pm the couple will embark on its first destination to Madagascar. From Africa to Asia, they will travel to the United States, down the Blues Route, as well as Cuba. They will also go down to South America from Guatemala to Bresil and Bolivia. The adventure will reach to an end back to Africa in Benin in January 2015.

Music lovers and passionate travelers will be able to reach the fareaway horizons thanks to The World Music Tour. Diversity, exclusive encounters, cultural richness and musical treasures will be the watchwords of this simple and authentic approach. That is the whole idea of the project. Searching for little things with big emotions that will testify the dream and generate in us the thrill that reminds us that we are alive.


Lots of thanks to Alexandrine Delville or translator !

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